TOP 5 Foot Care Tips for Monsoon

One of the biggest set of worry and concern during the muddy monsoon season is – dirty, smelly feet. Waterlogged streets, moist cool atmosphere and dampness – Well, rainy season is the time when the maximum effect is rendered to your feet. The mud and dirt accumulated during the rainy season is enough to call for foot infections. The water hits your feet first, becomes damp which in turn leads to fungal and bacterial infections if not taken care of.

With the arrival of monsoon season, here are my TOP 5 Foot Care Tips for Monsoon that you should and must try to avoid any foot and skin problems.


Keep your feet dry
Hygiene is most important to avoid fungal infections during the monsoon. Damp feet, socks and shoes in rain lead to skin-related problems on the feet.

Fungal and bacterial infections are easily spread if your feet are wet. Keep your feet clean and dry. As soon as you are back home, make sure you wash your feet with lukewarm water. It will be ideal to dip your feet in warm water and allow yourself to relax. Dry the feet completely especially in between your toes.

Pay more attention to the the space between the toes. They have to be cleaned, dried and sprayed with an anti-fungal powder (in case of any infection).

NOTE :  Avoid wearing wet socks.

Exfoliate your feet in the shower
We spend so much time on our feet during the day, it’s important that we show them some love and care. While you are bathing, exfoliate your feet using a pumice stone. This not only removes daily accumulated dead skin cells but helps stay your feet clean. This is something that can be done daily, but remember not be too harsh on your feet.

Body lotions are not meant for your feet
Try coconut oil instead. Or a deeply nourishing foot cream. In fact, the beauty market has come up with foot masks as well, so cool isn’t it? Coconut oil provides that extra moisturizing and nourishment for your skin. So slather it on, put on some cotton socks and go on snooze mode 😉

Treat yourself to Foot Massages
Treat yourself to foot massages every once in a while. These pamper sessions take away stress and calms down your leg and feet muscles. Regular foot massage helps detoxification, improves blood circulation and lymph circulation as well.

ToeNail Care
It is important to keep your toenails trimmed and properly because that’s where dirt and bacteria find their home first. Make sure to go for regular pedicures – it could be at home or in the salon.

This monsoon, keep your feet clean and don’t forget to follow these foot care tips to stay clear of any fungal and bacterial infections. Is there anything you guys do to take care of your feet? Do let me know in the comments!

Anubha ✨

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