How to Apply BB Cream in 3 ways | Beginner Tips & Tricks

BB cream is one of the best multi-purpose beauty products in the market. They give the skin a natural, lightweight coverage and benefits such as UV protection and skin hydration.

Unlike heavier, full-coverage foundations, BB creams leave a silky, sheer layer of tint on the skin. I like to wear my BB Cream on days I want a natural, fresh-faced finish or as a smooth and radiant base under foundation. So what’s the best way to use it?

Read on to know how you can use BB Cream in 3 ways with beginner tips and tricks. 


Choose according to your skin tone
Choose the shade that matches the best with your skintone. I know BB Creams tend to not have a wide variety of shades but there are a lot of brands these days that have BB Creams. You can check out the BB Creams by LA Girl. They have a wide variety of shades that are best suitable for Indian skin tones.

When selecting the shade, try matching it on your jawline. If the shade goes exactly like your natural skin tone, go for it.

Start with only a pea sized amount
To avoid wasting a ton of product, start with only a pea sized portion. Start with applying a thin layer first to avoid making your skin look cakey. BB Creams can be applied in 3 different ways – using your hands, a damp sponge or a foundation or stippling brush.


  • Start by applying little dots all over your face – your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. If your blending with your fingertips, blends in a light tapping motion. Dab the BB Cream into your skin using a light tapping motion. This gentle, light pressure spreads the cream evenly without irritating your skin.


  • If you have difficulty blending BB Cream with your hands, use a sponge. Sponge application is most suitable for people with oily skin. Lightly spritz the makeup sponge with a facial mist or a makeup setting spray before using it to apply your BB Cream. Spraying the sponge with a mist beforehand will make sure your BB Cream stays in place and doesn’t melt off.


  • The third way to apply your BB Cream is to use a stippling brush. After you put the the BB Cream in dots all over your face, start mixing it by lightly rolling it with the brush. Make sure to blend well.

NOTE : I usually don’t put on primer before BB Cream. But If you have larger pores, and want a smoother base you can use a primer.  A primer will help minimize pores and leave your base velvety smooth. It will also help your makeup stay put.

After setting the BB cream, if you see any particular areas in need of extra coverage, you can dab another thin layer of BB Cream over them.

Concealer for more coverage
BB Cream gives you a natural look and minimal coverage. Obviously it isn’t foundation, it won’t be able to cover up all your imperfections but will add a sheer layer.

If you looking for more coverage, conceal dark circles and spots here and there, you may need a concealer.

Finish with a Compact/Setting/Loose Powder
You will notice that the BB cream feels a little sticky on the skin so it’s best to dust a little bit of loose powder to set everything in place.

I also like to set my eyelids properly so there aren’t any creases on the lid area. It’s better to set your face with a big brush.


Things to remember/ A few facts about BB Creams


Light weight
Yes! BB cream is lighter than foundation and thus better for younger people/teens.

It is more for evening out your skin tone; not covering imperfections. If you would like to cover the redness,spots, you might need to add a concealer.

All skin types
BB cream is meant to be used by people of all skin types.

Remove before going to bed
Sure BB Cream is light weight but its just like a foundation and is clearly a makeup product. So just like foundation, you must remove bb cream before going to bed.

I think one must invest in a good bb cream. It feels very light on the skin and therefore you can use it everyday. It gives you a sheer coverage and unlike, some foundations it won’t end up feeling cakey on your skin.

Don’t forget to tell me your favorite go to BB Cream in the comments down below!


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  1. Wow!!Great tips about BB cream.. I have already been reading great reviews about it and your comparison has made it even more convincing.I have question like Why bb cream doesn’t last for whole day?

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