About me


I’m Anubha , a makeup junkie, beauty enthusiast, style freak, movie buff and a die hard foodie. I believe every women in this world shall feel like a Queen, where she feels beautiful every morning she wakes up and rules the hearts with her confidence, charisma and style.


Nothing filled my little world with joy more than dressing up, using mom’s makeup kit and wearing crazy looks. I used to spend hours improvising with various looks. As time flew, the passion grew stronger and eventually I decided to go BLOGGING!

And thats how Anubha Makeup & Beauty came into picture. This blog was started with the idea of sharing beauty trends, makeup ideas, product reviews, DIY and everything that hovers around the Cosmopolitan world. Apart from writing on fashion trends, I am a Marketer by profession.

Since I love being in front of the camera, I also have a YouTube Channel where you can watch my favorite makeup looks, recreations, suitable lipsticks for Indian skin tone, beauty videos on how to find the right shade of foundation/concealer and much, much more!

You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow me on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram & Snapchat to know more about me when not blogging and youtub-ing.