5 Different Occasions to Gift a Diamond Pendant

Gifting jewellery never goes out of fashion. Jewellery makes for a unique present, and is also a statement of a woman’s personality. It allows her to express herself and exude an aura of poise. This is where diamond jewellery comes in. It is versatile in nature, and can be gifted and worn at different occasions without compromising with the overall look.

With a number of celebrities endorsing it, a popular favourite this season for gifting has been the diamond pendant. Pendants set with different gemstones make for a stylish fashion statement. These can be brought from online stores where one can check out the various designs and the diamond pendant price as well.

Gifting according to the occasion is extremely important. While diamonds and diamond pendants are versatile enough to be gifted on any occasion, they can be personalized to make them more special. This makes it more important, since some designs are specially crafted to match to the social occasion.

Here are some examples where gifting a pendant would be suitable:

Romantic Occasions: Occasions like weddings, anniversaries and engagements are obvious times to gift a diamond pendant. Gifting a diamond choker to your daughter on the day of her wedding or a heart-shaped pendant to your wife on your wedding anniversary can be a perfect way to show your love for her. These pendants come in sterling silver and rose gold, making them appropriate for gifting on romantic occasions.

Accomplishments: Achievements like a promotion at work, a childbirth or a college graduation warrant for a commemorative pendant. A pendant with an appropriate design suited to the accomplishment is an excellent gifting choice. Giving a present of a matching pendant, on the birth of a new baby is all the rage. Likewise, an occasion like a job promotion can call for a celebratory pendant.

Special Events: Personalized gifts on occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day are becoming increasingly common. Pendants can be matched to the season or the event through the colour scheme. This can be done by gifting cooler colours like green and blue in the winter or rose reds in the Valentine’s week.

Birthdays: Fretting over what to gift on birthdays is something we have all been through. But pendants, despite being on the more expensive end, make for a safe gift and are well-received.

Surprise gifts: While it is a customary practice to gift on special events or occasions, nothing can beat the spontaneity of a surprise gift. After all, “the best gifts are the ones we do not expect”.

Alternatively, one could also consider gifting bangles, which are now coming in modern, innovative designs. From the minimalist to the more intricate ones, various gold bangles design for daily use can be viewed on the numerous online jewellery sites which have cropped up.  

All that said, it is also important to bear in mind that jewellery does not come with an instruction manual. No matter what you wear, carry it with poise!

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